Elizabeth & Shane

Floral Background

Shane Hollman


Elizabeth Colgan

September 23, 2023

Baltimore, MD
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How We Met

Elizabeth and Shane grew up only a few miles apart, but their paths did not cross until the summer of 2020. Once COVID restrictions were lifted, both of them returned to their early morning routine at Exile Fitness. Although Elizabeth had her eye on Shane for awhile, she became extremely shy whenever she saw him. Needless to say, Shane had to make the first move. After she avoided him once again, he followed her up to the second floor of the gym and said, "You're really going to make me come all the way up here to say hi to you?" The first date lasted for hours, and both left knowing it wasn't the last. Shane called his friend, Corey, and broadly told him he found "The One." And Elizabeth told her mom, Veronica, that she would never ask God for another favor. When you know, you know.

How He Proposed

Within months of meeting, Elizabeth and Shane were living together and planning their future. Since this included shopping for an engagement ring, he knew she'd be difficult to surprise. After telling her they had dinner plans with friends downtown, Shane asked if they could walk around Fells Point beforehand. The two walked by their favorite spots in the neighborhood, including a bench where they had shared coffee and first discussed marriage. And as they walked towards the steps of Elizabeth's old apartment, where Shane picked her up for their first date, she suspected he had bigger plans for the evening. She was right. The date was September 11th, which for many, carries enough weight. But as Shane and his family prepared for the funeral of his mother, Mary Ann, it was an especially difficult time. Shane told Elizabeth that most people would wait to propose, but that there was no doubt in his mind, through the highs and lows of life, she was the one he wanted by his side. She said yes. And as for their true dinner plans? Their families were anxiously waiting at a restaurant nearby to celebrate.