Alexander & Daniela

    Wedding Party
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We're Getting Married


Alexander Holley


Daniela Trujillo


February 4, 2024

Spring, TX
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Our Story

Our Story Began on February 28, 2020

Alex’s Version It all began with our first date, a test of patience and panic. I had everything planned out. The only problem was, I failed to realize the restaurant moved location. When the time came, Daniela showed up at the restaurant and I going off memory showed up to where I remember the restaurant to be, only to realize I was at the wrong location. Panic sets in as I try to explain my mistake. Talk about a first impression. I was embarrassed and panicking, thinking she'd be gone as soon as I got there. Sure enough, I arrived at the restaurant and there she was waiting for me with a big'ol smile on her face. We ended up having an amazing night. Fast forward 3 years, we are getting married. What a time it has been, I couldn't have asked for a better person to spend my life with. Daniela’s Version When I think of our story I think of how amazing is God and how impossible our story would’ve been without him placing us together in his perfect timing. I can truly testify that praying for your life partner truly works and God doesn’t make mistakes. Alex is the husband I prayed for for a very long time. We are proof that opposites really do attract and he is the one who truly balances me out. 2020 was the start of our relationship and it was quite interesting. For one we had covid which interrupted the whole world & we were seniors in college at this time. We experienced a lot of hardships adjusting to the new way school was going, but regardless I found so much comfort and support from my partner. Alex was my biggest cheerleader! I remember countless times I would have study dates with him, and regardless of him not knowing anything about the medical terminology or anything medical related he was there helping me as much as he could. Fast forward to 2022 we are on a new phase of our relationship I’m working at the hospital and Alex is starting his program at the academy. Throughout this journey its a new test of faith for both of us and I can testify that the Lord is faithful through it all. This journey incredibly increased our patience in our relationship and the ultimate proof that the Lord’s timing is perfect and we simply have to trust him. 2023 comes around and Alex plans a surprise trip for us to Austin (my favorite city in Texas) and asks me to Marry him and of course I SAID YES thank you Jesus! Our relationship has definitely been tested heavily, yet we are so thankful for the Lord being here for us and with us throughout the entirety of our dating series. I am looking forward to the rest of our lives because I know the Lord’s plan for us is an incredible one 💕