Jenna & Hayden



Hayden Hall


Jenna Polleck

June 22, 2024

Raleigh, NC
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How We Met

A thank you to Allister North Hills

Hayden moved to Raleigh and directly across the hall from Jenna in May 2019. They didn't talk much at first, but Jenna remembers always running into him coming home from the gym, with his headphones on over his long hair. Hayden's first specific memory of Jenna is telling a friend, "I think that's my neighbor" when at the pool. Naturally living in the same apartment complex, they ended up with mutual friends and eventually built a friendship themselves at group events. In the Covid summer of 2020, having a friend right across the hall was ideal. Hayden and Jenna spent more and more time together at the pool, grilling out, watching TV, and just talking (they both can talk a lot). After getting dressed up and going on their first official date (dinner at Spirits Bar and Grill), they immediately changed back into comfortable clothes to watch a movie together. Being able to be 100% themselves is one of Hayden and Jenna's favorite parts of their relationship. Since August 2020, they have gone on trips to Nashville, to Disney for Jenna's 30th birthday, to Ireland and Germany, and to lots of weddings for friends and family. They moved in together in March 2021 (still at Allister) and are currently searching for their forever home.