Ryan & Emily

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August 31, 2024

Downtown Des Moines, IA
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How We Met

Our story began on a dating app called Hinge. Seeing Emily worked in accounting, Ryan’s opening line was, “hey can you help me with my taxes?” The conversation went along from there and that led to our first date at Spaghetti Works in Downtown Des Moines. The first date exceeded both of our expectations and turned into drinks afterward at the iconic Shorty’s bar nearby. From there, Ryan asked Emily to go on a trip with him to St. Petersburg, Florida and Emily was feeling spontaneous and accepted. While in Florida, Emily and Ryan called it official after Emily “cornered” Ryan in a bar to ask the question. The rest is history!

The Proposal

Ryan coordinated with Emily’s close friends “Aubree” and “Steevo” to set up a proposal at Ken’s Speakeasy. Ryan also planned a lunch beforehand with both families. The night before the proposal, Ryan’s sister Nicole accidentally ran into the couple and Ryan was worried she would spill the beans. But, the proposal went as planned and Emily was definitely surprised! It was a success! Following the proposal our friends and family popped out from their hiding spots around the bar to continue with the surprise. With the help of Emily's friends, Ryan was able to pull off another surprise by having her best friend from college make the trip from NYC for the proposal. It was a great day!

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