Elizabeth & Stefan

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September 27, 2024

San Martin, CA
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Our Story

It all started in 2011...

Liz attended Carlmont High School's senior prom with a different date, but it was Stefan who caught her eye as he entered with his own companion. Unaware that she was looking at her future husband, she couldn't help but think, "Wow, he's handsome!" Several months later, Liz received a friend request from Stefan on Facebook, and it clicked, "Hey, that's the guy from prom!" As they engaged in online chatting, Liz shared with Stefan that she had never experienced a proper date. Without hesitation, Stefan took the initiative and arranged a time and place to pick her up for an official date. When he arrived at her house in Belmont, he politely greeted her dad and promised to have her home on time. They started with frozen yogurt and then snuck into the Japanese Friendship Garden in San Mateo for a walk. Stefan left a lasting impression on Liz during the drive home when, out of the blue, he asked, "Do you wanna hear me beatbox?" To her surprise, he showcased his beatboxing skills in the car, leaving Liz in stunned amusement, wondering, "Is this seriously happening right now?" The morning after, Stefan left roses on her car, summarizing the enchanting evening. At the time, Liz wasn't ready for a daily dose of laughter and Stefan's goofy personality, so that remained their only date. Over the years, it became Liz's go-to anecdote when asked, "Tell me about the weirdest date you've been on." The sweet boy from Belmont, beatboxing in the car, was the star of that story. Seven years later in 2018, Stefan resurfaced in Liz's thoughts, prompting her to wonder about his whereabouts. She decided to search for him on Facebook, sent a friend request, and took a stroll through his photos. The next day brought a message from Stefan: "It's rude not to say hi." Thus, their current love story began. As they resumed their online chats, Liz and Stefan found themselves in different life stages, aligning more closely with what they sought in a partner. This marked the beginning of a new chapter in their story. One memorable evening, Stefan spent the night, leaving a single rose on Liz's car as he departed. Liz discovered the thoughtful gesture a few hours later, a subtle nod to their first date all those years ago. In 2024, Liz and Stefan will joyfully welcome their first child, embarking on a new chapter of their lives together. Their journey, which began with an unexpected reconnection, has led to a profound love that will be celebrated not only through the union of marriage but also through the arrival of their son.

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