Holly & Caleb

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Caleb Kelley


Holly Truitt

September 15, 2024

White Lake, MI
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How We Met


Our story begins almost two years ago, when Holly attended her first small group at Northridge for their Young Adults Ministry. She was eager to grow her faith in the Lord and spend more time with like minded people. God brought Caleb Kelley into her life when they were assigned to the same small group. Right away Holly admired Caleb's passion and commitment to the Lord as he led their small group, while Caleb was struck by Hollys beauty inside and out. In no time, they had their first date eating pizza and walking through Nichols Arboretum. At the end of their date they had such a hard time leaving each other and it's been that way ever since. That first date led to a second, and then a third. But it was the third and final date that solidified the relationship and resulted in their first kiss.

The Proposal


Over the next year they spent time at football games together, vacationing together, playing volleyball with family together, celebrating holidays and birthdays together, whatever they did it was always TOGETHER. They worked together through the good times and bad times. All of this leading up to the day that Caleb chose to propose to Holly. He chose to keep it simple and intimate at their special park bench in Maybury State Park. This bench was special to him because they spent a fair amount of time there on their second date almost one year prior getting to know each other. On this return visit, Caleb took Holly on a walk around the park enjoying the warm sunny day while making their way to their special bench. Waiting at the bench was a photo album he had created for her. While they were making their way to the bench, Holly's sister's Kate and Lilly hid in the woods getting ready to take pictures of the proposal. As they approached their bench, Holly noticed the album and began tearing up. They sat down and spent time admiring the past year that Caleb had captured in pictures. After finishing the album, Caleb had Holly stand up while he knelt and professed his love for her. And, well, the rest is history. Now, they are diligently working in preparation for their wedding and are so excited to be able to share their special day with you!

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