Terry & Christopher

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Christopher Lemons


Terry Reyes

May 25, 2024

Memphis, TN
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How We Met

Circa 2008

My first memories of Christopher was in 8th grade when he joined the Brighton Middle School band to play drums(of course). We went to DC and NYC on a school trip that year, but we really became friends in high school. Our interests always overlapped, we were in marching band together and both played rugby for Storm. We never dated in high school, but there were definitely times that we both realized our mutual attraction. Chris stayed in Memphis for college, and I went off to east TN. During this time, we lost contact and were both busy getting our degrees. Fast forward to Music Fest in 2017: my best friend and I were in town for the festival which happened to be the same weekend Chris was celebrating his graduation! Our longtime mutual friend (thanks Cody!) invited us to the party, and we immediately hit it off. And the rest is history...

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