Jackie & Terrence


Jacqueline Camille Ceballos


Terrence Arceo


November 2, 2023

San Diego, CA

How We Met

God's timing & plans are perfect.

Terrence & Jackie first met on March 20, 2016 (1 day before Terrence's birthday!) Jackie's brother, Ron, had surprised Jackie when she was visiting San Diego from Berkeley with a kamayan (a delicious communal feast where food is served on banana leaves and eaten with hands) at his apartment. Fun fact: Terrence introduced Ron to his now-wife, Yhey, who happens to be Terrence's first cousin (crazy we know lol). At the time, Terrence & Jackie were at very different places in their lives and in relationships with other people. Another fun fact: Terrence was actually in the kuya zone. Fast forward to 2019, Ron and Yhey are getting married — Terrence is the Best Man and Jackie is the Maid of Honor. They grew closer as they spent more time together preparing for their Best Man & MOH performance. Terrence then confessed his feelings to Jackie on the night of Ron and Yhey’s wedding. Jackie was hesitant at first, but over time realized her feelings for Terrence were the same. 4 years, 1 pandemic, and a gazillion foodie trips later and the two are about to tie the knot - and that's the story of how #TerrenceGotJacked.

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