Telia Fiona Nicole & Dion Dominic Damato

True Love is the Greatest Adventure


Dion Dominic Damato

Clarke Jr.


Telia Fiona Nicole



February 24, 2024

Nassau, New Providence
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The First Spark

As fate would have it, we were two strangers that were united on Twitter one cool January evening. As our journey began, we grew from strangers to friends to lovers. In that short time, we both knew that we had found our soulmate, our Forever and Always, the one who God sent to complete us. We started off as long distance but quickly closed the gap so we could start our relationship together…in the same space. The moment we finally closed our eyes to old ends and opened our hearts birthed a New Beginning. A Newfound Love. As we journey into Holy Matrimony, we are delighted for you, our family and friends to share our special day with us.

The Proposal

February 10, 2023

Oftentimes we’d have conversations about the future. Getting married, having and rearing children to owning businesses and homes on our favourite family islands were always topics of discussion. Eloping came up from time to time, how fun it’ll be to just go on vacation and pop up married. Sounds like something we’d totally do right? After much thought we chose to have a traditional wedding ceremony with family and friends. On the eve of my birthday my Fiancé and Bestie decided to have birthday dinner for me at Traveller’s Rest. The band was the highlight of the night playing music that ranges from reggae to old school music of all genres. To my surprise my close family and friends along with my coworkers were all gathered around. What I thought was just an intimate dinner with a few close friends turned out to be a night that I’d remember Forever. A night that went better than I’d sometimes dreamt of. what made it even more special The Island Man planned it with some consultation of course. The band played some of my favourite songs all night long as I danced the night away. The band started to play Why I Love You by Major and The Island Man and I began to slow dance. He was so nervous, and he began to sweat. As the band continued to play the love of my life proceeded to take the mic as the music started getting softer. One thing that I do remember from that night was him smiling uncontrollably. His hands left my waistline, and he began to fumble around in his pockets and to my surprise, he pulled out an engagement ring and nervously blurted out, “You wanna marry me?” Surrounded by a crowd of excited people I couldn’t believe this was happening, the very moment that I’d always dreamt of. I blurted out with excitement and said, “Yes” to my Forever and now the Adventure begins to Our Forever 💍