Taylor & Zachary


To our family and friends, we cannot wait to celebrate with you in Scotland!

Zachary Hawkins


Taylor Paddock

March 27


How We Met

First comes school, then comes marriage

The couple met in elementary school, at Community Christian School in Keystone Heights, FL. Taylor had a crush on Zack and went so far as to write an anonymous letter to his house, professing her admiration. He never knew who it was from. They remained two ships passing in the night throughout high school and into college. In 2015, Taylor and Zack became acquainted after a brief dining experience at Yamato where Zack worked as a server. She reached out to Blake Richardson on Snapchat, to get Zack's number. They spent most of the following years building a friendship that would last a lifetime, and did not consider being romantically involved until Taylor spent the summer away in Arizona as a camp counselor. They say distance makes the heart grow fonder! Upon returning, Taylor was blessed to have gotten to spend some months with Zack and his family, including his dad Bryan, before his passing. Together the couple has navigated life's joys and hardships in stride. We are looking forward to a lifetime of love and continuing to traverse the planet, together!

For all the days along the way
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