we're getting Married!


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Anthony Fultz II


Taylor Byrd-Paris




October 8


How We Met

St. Ignatius Days

We would have never thought in a million years that we would have ended up together. We both attended elementary and middle school at St. Ignatius Catholic School. The first time meeting one another was during lunch/recess while we were in the 4th and 5th grade. We remained friends until Tony's 8th grade graduation. We attended different high schools and lost contact during that time period. However, during my senior year of high school I was getting off the school bus at Swan Creek Rd at the McDonald's. Tony happened to see me. He was sitting in his white impala in the McDonald's drive-thru line. He yelled out across the parking lot to catch my attention. I smiled, waved and continued to walk inside to wait for my mom to pick me up. Later that evening, I saw a Facebook message from Tony. With his constant persistence and comedic notions I could not shake him so easily. It was at that moment when the chase officially started. From December 2011 to now, we remained together through thick and thin.

The Proposal

Taylor's Surprise

We both knew we were soulmates and we talked about marriage one day. I wanted to surprise her by asking for her hand with the family around. So we were wrapping up and closing out our son's, Maxwell, first birthday party. By the end of that party we both were tired and ready to go but there was a surprise at the very end. After Taylor made a brief announcement of thanking all of the family and friends for taking the time to help celebrate Max's first year; I (Tony) wanted to make an announcement as well. I stated "not only is this a special day for Max but it is also a special day for Taylor". I grabbed her hand and began to say "Taylor, we been together as boyfriend and girlfriend for a long time but now I want to make you my wife". Before my speech was over, all of our family and friends cheered so loudly that no one heard the rest of my speech, not even her. But needless to say it did not matter because it was an automatic YES!