March 4, 2023
Jupiter, FL

Taylor & Jeremy


It's finally happening

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Jeremy Hutton


Taylor Cogsil



March 4


The (Not So) Meet Cute

All stories have to start somewhere. But the funny thing about this story is that where it starts depends on who you ask. Ask Jeremy? He’ll tell you that he met Taylor on the very first night of her freshman year at Yale. He was a sophomore, wise in the ways of the world, and he remembers meeting a cute blonde girl in the Saybrook courtyard. Ask Taylor? She’ll tell you that she met Jeremy a few days later, where they leaned against a wall during a party and talked for a while. One thing that they both agree on, however, is that it was Jeremy who made the first move. A few weeks after the party, he slid headfirst into Taylor’s Facebook DMs: “Hey Taylor! Not sure if you remember me/our conversation, but I know we talked a couple of weeks ago about fall break in West Palm Beach. Anyway, my friend and I are here until Sunday morning, so if you want to get together at some point just let me know! Hope all is well.” It was, he thought, the perfect message. All he had to do was wait for her to respond. So he waited. And waited. And waited. He waited for twenty-three hours and thirty minutes, until his phone finally buzzed: “Hey! I totally forgot you were going to be here, so weird . . .” They did not get together. It was an inauspicious beginning.

The Lead-up

Over the next two years, Jeremy and Taylor became friendly acquaintances. They exchanged smiles on the path and locked eyes at parties. There was subtext, it seemed, but nothing more. Neither knew that the other was secretly harboring a crush. Jeremy, of course, did not realize that Taylor had sent an e-mail to her friend with pictures of him entitled: “Jeremy Hutton, my love.” And Taylor was unaware that when they passed on Cross Campus, Jeremy's heart fluttered. Then, one night in the fall of Jeremy’s senior year, he was at Toad’s (a popular campus bar) with his friends, feeling sorry for himself. Taylor walked in. Jeremy turned to his dear friend Kate Ford and asked: “Why can’t I be with someone like Taylor Cogsil?” And Kate, ever practical Kate, responded: “Uh, maybe you should go talk to her?” Jeremy could hardly fail to recognize good advice. He strolled across the room, asked Taylor to dance, and began to flail about like a lanky bird of paradise. And Taylor, apparently unable to resist Jeremy’s animal magnetism, joined him.

The Distance

From then on, Jeremy and Taylor have been inseparable. Metaphorically, at least. In actuality, the two have spent more years in different cities than in the same one. Most recently, while Taylor studied anatomy and physiology in St. Louis, MO, Jeremy was reading casebooks in Palo Alto, CA. But distance has proven no match for their love and laughter. Taylor never lost sight of the fact that, although it is medically impossible to have live butterflies in one's stomach, Jeremy somehow puts them in hers. And Jeremy has always known that his love for Taylor could never be appealed.

The Grand Gesture

That’s why, in the spring of 2021, Jeremy flew to St. Louis to *surprise* Taylor with a question that he’d been waiting to ask for a very long while. This time, Taylor didn’t need twenty-three hours and thirty minutes to respond.

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