Taylor & Christian



Taylor Piechocki


Christian Hall

October 12, 2024

Eau Claire, WI
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The Proposal


Every year they try to take a trip just the two of them, that year it was Arizona. They had planned an amazing hot air balloon ride and EVERYONE thought Christian was going to ask Taylor then. Which, Taylor admitted, would have been pretty cute. She kept telling people no, that Christian won't ask her that way because she was the one that planned the hot air balloon ride. As they're enjoying their trip, the views are spectacular, the vibes were immaculate and they were having an amazing time; they wanted to golf! The two of them spend a lot of their free time in the summer on the golf course, so of course they had to go. This was the most gorgeous golf course they'd ever seen and Taylor was fully prepared to kick Christian's butt...Well, that didn't happen. She was golfing absolutely awful. Christian was trying to keep her in good spirits even though she was not playing well. They got to this beautiful, but annoying, par 3 and she shanked one into the water. Christian calmy tells her to try again and of course she does, but she's pissed. They drive the cart over towards the green and she sees his friends appear from over the hill and again...she's instantly annoyed (obviously short tempered out on the course) because now she has the pressure to make her putt. She doesn't. Taylor taps her ball in and turns around with her hands in the air ready to go off on some bullshit and there's Christian on one knee (admittedly so much cuter and more meaningful than a hot air balloon). He nervously asks her to be his wife and the first thing she says in this perfect moment is, "are you serious?" He says yes and well...the rest brings us to this joyful moment <3