Taylor & Adam


let's do this


Taylor Snell


Adam Chulawat

October 14, 2023

Chattahoochee Hills, GA

Start Strong - Finish Married

2017 - Present

Adam and Taylor met in 2016 at Armstrong State University (RIP) in Civilization 1 class. Adam sat in the back while Taylor sat 2 rows ahead. When finals came around, Taylor was having some difficulty studying for the exam, so Adam politely offered to help her study for it. This, Adam claims, resulted in Taylor passing the class, and then after they became friends, hanging out multiple times a week the following 2017 Spring semester. Over time, Adam developed some initially unreciprocated feelings towards Taylor. Two days before Taylor's birthday in 2017, Adam decided to break the news that he had feelings for her. If you know Taylor, this went exactly how you'd expect it to go. Luckily though, Adam is as smooth as gravel, and somehow secured a first date on April 7, 2017. "What do you have to lose?" He asked. Obviously not much, since she said yes! After a few dates, Adam finally popped the question (not that one), and after 9 hours of consideration, Taylor agreed to date him! Success!! Weeks later, what was a 2 minute walk became a 3 hour drive as Taylor transferred to Valdosta State after the GA Southern/Armstrong Merger to continue playing college soccer. They would continue being long distance for the next 4 years, through the rest of undergrad and graduate school for Taylor. They finally moved in together in 2021 after Taylor accepted a job in Myrtle Beach, SC as a Pediatric Speech Therapist and Adam a job at Coastal Carolina University. Within that year long lease agreement, the couple got engaged on April 15, 2022! Taylor was caught by surprise, both by Adam popping the question (that one this time) and the fact he knew her ring style. What was supposed to be, in Taylor's mind, a family Easter photo session turned into an engagement session followed by an afterparty and dinner with loved ones and a weekend of celebration between both sides of the family. Now, they reside in Charleston, SC together with a new pup, Ele, and with new jobs in their dream city and are beyond excited to host you all on their special day later this year!