Tate & Nicole


Tate Thein


Nicole Sagstetter

June 10, 2023

Princeton, MN
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Our Story

We met in high school and had some similar friends for a little bit, but we didn’t talk to each other much until the spring before junior year. I (Nicole) learned that Tate was Catholic and decided to look at him a little more seriously. I (Tate) started talking to Nicole because I knew she was Catholic. We started seeing more of each other. Eventually we were hanging out all the time and decided that we were dating (lol, May 14th 2019). We would go walk in the park with Hank (Tate’s dog), it would’ve been a dealbreaker if she didn’t like dogs. Fortunately, she loves them. I (Nicole) left for college and Tate started his business, so we traveled to see each other almost every weekend for 2 1/2 years. Tate proposed at Enger Tower in Duluth in the spring of 2022 after waiting almost 3 years.