Tanya & Jake



Tanya Rodriguez


Jake Stentz


April 22, 2023

Columbus, OH

How We Met

Online Dating

Tanya & Jake met through a Christian Dating program run by matchmaker Jacqueline "Jackie" Dorman. Jackie launched her Beta App called Single Nation in the summer of 2022 and that's where it all started. Tanya said hello to Jake because he had a "nice smile".... and Jake came after her !

The Proposal

First comes Love, Then the Proposal

Yes, it was quick ! They both fell in love in a matter of months. So they flew to San Diego together so Jake could meet Tanya's family and Father (hint hint). Then at around Sunset on an absolutely gorgeous San Diego afternoon, on the beaches of lovely La Jolla, Ca, Jake got down on one knee, and as the waves crashed on the shores, he asked Tanya to marry him. He said he prayed for a woman like her, that he was in love with her, and wanted to be with her for the rest of his life. And she said "Yes"

The Two of Us

Entrepreneur Meets Entrepreneur

Jake and Tanya are on fire entrepreneurs. They are Kingdom dreamers and visionaries with a passion for life, laughter, and joy. And although they are from totally different cultures, states, and upbringings they have THIS in common. They love Jesus Christ. Jake and Tanya love the word of God and living out a christian lifestyle. This has made all the difference in their relationship.

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