Kendall & Tanner


Tanner Garner


Kendall Lockwood

September 1, 2023

Bailey, CO
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How We Met- From The Bride's Perspective

High School Sweethearts

We first met at Broomfield High School in anatomy class. I was a junior and Tanner was a sophomore. Little did I know that I would marry the boy directly across from me who was notorious for being late to class with McDonald's in hand. (Two things I hate: being late and McDonald's, haha.) The next year, I was a senior. My softball teammates, Cassidy and Lainey, wanted to go to the Broomfield vs. Wheat Ridge football game to watch one of Tanner's friends. Even though he might not admit it, Tanner was a rock star. After the game, we walked down to the field to go talk to Tanner's friend. Tanner caught my eye with his teasing and silly demeanor. I love people who make me laugh. As we drove away in Lainey's car, I instagram messaged Tanner and said, "Good game :)" And thats how we began. Me sliding into Tanner's DMs. How 21st century of us. As the years passed, we continued our relationship long distance as I went to Baylor University and then Tanner went to Colorado Mesa University for three years. Later on, we ended long distance when I graduated from Baylor to come home and teach 4th and 5th grade in Thornton, Colorado. Tanner transferred to Metro State University in Denver. Over the past six to seven years, we have grown with each other from young teens to young adults in college to now working college graduates. We have been with each other through highs and lows... But I would never want to go through life with anyone else. I can't wait to come together in front of family and friends to celebrate the next milestone in our love story!

How We Met- From the Groom's Perspective

Throughout the years, Kendall has given me grief for sitting across from her in anatomy and saying nothing to her all year. But, can you blame me? It's hard to know what to say when someone is as beautiful as her. So, after a year, I finally built up the courage to talk to her. Okay, well... Maybe she sent a Direct Message after a football game first. None the less, the simple DM of "Good game (smiley face emoji)" was the beginning of the most special relationship of our lifetime. From then on out, it was late night ice cream runs, East Moon sushi dates, competitive mini golf trips, her "tutoring me" nightly with my homework, and so much more. Although everyone thinks it was sunshine and rainbows, it wasn't always easy. However, after 4 years of long distance relationship, her at Baylor and myself at Colorado Mesa University, we were back together once more. Over the years, I have learned a lot about Kendall, but from the first moment I laid eyes on her, one thing was certain. She was and is the most beautiful, kind, caring, and sweetest girl in the world. The simplest thing as a DM turned into a lifetime relationship with my best friend.