Sydney & Michael



Michael Mercer


Sydney Fulgham


August 27, 2023

Fallbrook, CA

How We Met

First comes a Pandemic, then comes True Love

For those of you who don't know the iconic story of how Mike and Sydney came to be, let me summarize for you. Picture this, it's 2020, in the height of a pandemic, and Mike and Sydney just so happen to be on the same dating app. As taboo as this was for Sydney, Mike was a dating app natural ;) Instantly Mike and Sydney connected over food, family, the outdoors and all things animal related. Once it was safe to do so, Mike and Sydney had their first date at Sunset Cliffs in Ocean Beach, California and the rest was history.

The Proposal

Cue the Tears

Whoever said men can't be romantic ARE WRONG. Who would have known Mike to be such a softy! Mike and Sydney's engagement took place on Memorial Day 2022 (5.30.22) at Presidio Park, San Diego. After returning home from one of Sydney's friends weddings, Mike begged Sydney for a one - on - one date night for just the two of them. Prior to heading out to dinner, Mike asked Sydney if she'd like to go on a picnic first before going to dinner. Once at the park, Mike asked Sydney to standup and close her eyes, as he had a gift for her. When she held out her hands, Mike placed a beatifully made photo album in her hands. The photo album was a compilation of all of their memories they had made together so far. Sweet captions adorned each page and Sydney took her SWEET ASS time savoring every moment of it.....not knowing the last page would contain the best words she had ever read in her life. On the last page of this very special page, Mike had written the words "This is only just the beginning......will you marry me". You can probably imagine the utter shock on Sydney's face as she definitely was not anticipating a proposal. Little did she also know that Mike enlisted the help of his best friend Ryan and his fiancee Sarah to literally HIDE in bushes and photograph the whole proposal. Cue the tears, cue the smiles and cue the happily ever after! After the hugs and crying and kissing had stopped. Another surprise was in store for Syd. She wasn't going on a date night with just Mike, but with Ryan, Sarah, Sydney's Parents and Nonna! At the restaurant Sydney received the full download from Nonna (of all people!) on the preparation of the proposal. To Sydney's utter shock Mike worked with Sydney's nonna and family member Vilma, to create the most stunning custom engagement ring ever! This day will undoubtedly go down as one of the best days in both of their lives.

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