July 22, 2022

Grace & Syd








July 22, 2022

How We Met

Courtney & Sam

Grace's best friend, Courtney and Syd's brother, Sam had a major influence on the drastic change that was about to occur for Syd and Grace. It was rare for Syd to visit Indiana, but a fateful weekend brought him stumbling into Grace's life. The group enjoyed a night on the town while the new duo couldn't keep their eyes off each other.

We Knew

February 14th

The weekend quickly came and went and Syd returned to his base in New York. There was a desire to stay connected from both of us which consisted of nonstop snapchats and texting for two weeks. Syd was finally free again to come visit which happened to be Valentine's weekend. Some flowers and mimosas to celebrate the day also brought the decision to give love a chance.

Poppin' the Question

July 10th

Syd loves the beach so off we went for a long weekend of relaxation and good times in Wildwood, New Jersey. Enjoying the sun and spending time together just the two of us. We ended this particular Friday with an absolutely delicious steak dinner at Cattle n' Clover where Grace found a new wine to love and Syd changed proposal plans four more times. As planned, we returned to the North Wildwood area near the Sea Wall for an evening stroll. I walked ahead and Syd crouched while coming up with a short story about re-finding the shell we had collected earlier in the day. I turned around to find him on one knee and inside the shell, a beautiful ring.

Wedding #1

July 24th

The small ceremony in a tiny gazebo outside the city clerk's office is far from what I imagined for my "big day" since childhood but it was perfect and I did get my gazebo! (iykyk) We would have loved to invite you all but given the circumstances and situation it will just have to wait a bit to be all together. We are so excited to be able to celebrate with everyone in summer of 2022!

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