Mariah & Jared


We're Getting Married!


Mariah Lenz


Jared Scherping


September 2, 2023

Delano, MN

Our Love Story

Jared and Mariah went to high school together but didn't pay much attention to one another there. Years after they both had graduated from Holy Trinity, they met again one fateful night at a grad party. That night Jared and Mariah faced off in a fate-filled game of tippy cup, where Jared beat Mariah, more than once. This didn't phase Mariah one bit. The couple met again at Winstock that year where Mariah flirted with Jared by asking him to hold her drink. How'd he respond? He simply put it on the ground next to him instead of holding it in his hands for her. It was at this moment that Mariah knew Jared was the one for her. As the summer continued Jared and Mariah began to know each other deeper than they ever have before. Feeding wild animals at the local sanctuary, eating out at Qdoba and seeing movies together, they quickly forged a love that grew stronger each and every day. Mariah and Jared now live together in Winsted with their two cats, Wallie and Arlo, and three dogs, Harold, Sadie and Otis. Mariah also has a horse named Gus who Jared enjoys feeding peppermint treats to. In their free time, Mariah and Jared can be found cleaning their house, playing a very competitive game of checkers and hanging out with all of their fur babies. They have waited a long time for this day and are so grateful you will be joining them on their special day!

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