July 10, 2021
Lexington, Kentucky

Alyssa & Reed


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Reed Childers


Alyssa Marano




July 10


How We Met


When you meet the one, you just know. And the irony is, we met each other many times before the night that we actually "met" for the first time. The night Reed and I met each other, we both decided to attend a house party held at a mutual friends house on a last minute decision. Neither one of us had plans to go out that night, but neither one of us wanted to stay in due to FOMO. About 30 minutes into the party, Reed walks up to me and says some sly comment to me about cheerleading, knowing from high school that I had cheer all my life and into part of my college career. From that point on in the night, we were inseparable. We literally sat in LAWN CHAIRS in a corner by ourselves, talking for the rest of the night. But it wasn't just that night that we were inseparable; we have been inseparable in life ever since. There hasn't been a day that has passed since Reed and I met that we haven't been together. It's been such an honor to grow so much over this past year and a half with such an amazing, understanding, and loving man by my side. I can't wait to continue to grow in our relationship towards the rest of our forever.

The Proposal


Family vacation was originally scheduled for Turks & Caicos, but due to COVID-19 we were unable to travel there and had to change our plans last minute. That's when Reed came up with Hilton Head Island, a place I had never been, but will now forever hold a special place in my heart. We arrived in Hilton Head on Sunday, with the original date of the proposal set on Thursday night. Reed decided he couldn't wait any longer, and on Monday morning told my parents that he was changing the proposal to that night! However, they had already had a photographer and florist set-up for Thursday night. This provided some unforeseen complications. Reed and my mom spent all day on the phone with the florist and photographer moving around the dates, and eventually were able to get it worked out that they could provide their services that night. I was told to dress nice that night because we were going to a nice dinner and taking family pictures on the beach afterward. Later that night we all get ready and went to dinner. I'm really enjoying myself at dinner and not realizing that reed is barely eating and kind of nervous the whole time. Then the check comes, AND MY DAD, MOM, AND REED ALL FORGOT THEIR WALLET! I WAS THE ONLY ONE THAT REMEMBERED TO BRING MONEY. So, I pay for dinner and we head back to the hotel. The boys say they are going to the beach to meet the photographer, and my mom and I went to the room to freshen up our makeup. On the way down to meet everyone, my mom tried taking everything from me, but didn't manage to get my phone out of my hands. I ran to the beach for pictures, and LITERALLY RAN PAST THE PROPOSAL. It was a whole staircase lined with candles and rose petals that I ran past. I WAS LEGIT CLUELESS. My mom called me back to point me in the right direction up the stairs. Once, I realized what was going on, my heart stopped. I couldn't believe it. I was so happy. Yet, I still had my phone in my hands in all the pictures... But what else describes me better?

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