Join us aboard a journey to remember...
Join us aboard a journey to remember...
December 5, 2021
Santa Barbara, CA

Suzy & Zack


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Zachary Duthie - Mack


Suzanna Earle


Santa Barbara


December 5


When Suzy met Zack

Do you believe in providence?

An unexpected encounter on an airplane brought Suzy and Zack together. That 5-hour flight changed their lives forever; a collision of two worlds that have since spun into one. That fateful day the two met remains a vivid memory for them both as it is the ultimate evidence of God’s providence. Neither Suzy nor Zack had romance on their radar when they stepped onto a flight headed from FL to CA in May of 2019. However, from the moment Zack laid eyes on Suzy, then a stranger and now his soon-to-be bride, he was convinced that God put him on that flight to meet her. Suzy, realizing that this stranger took interest, tried to resist his charm and intrigue but as fate would have it she left that flight thinking she had just met the most interesting man she had ever met.

The Plane

What did they even talk about?

Suzy and Zack talked about everything and nothing, sharing history (good, bad, and ugly), and became quick friends. Both enchanted by the other, after 5 hours of talking, the two exchanged numbers. They deboarded the flight, walked together to get their luggage, sat together waiting for their ride, and even briefly held hands. Since that day the two have been inseparable.

Suzy, Zack & Finn

A Beautiful Blend

Both Suzy and Zack drastically adjusted their lives to foster their newly created family. Zack evolved from the quintessential party boy to a protective Father, doting partner, and responsible family man. Suzy went from being a globe-trotting, independent, single professional to a nurturing, loving mother and partner. After living in FL for 1.5 years together, the three moved to Santa Barbara, CA in September of 2021. Ecclesiastes 4:12 " Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken."

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