Paris & Cedric

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Paris Jackson Jordan


Cedric Pender



April 29

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How We Met

All He Needed Was Some Sage!

It was July 2022 during the time I was providing services at the Wellness Center. I just opened up after having lunch and was on my laptop in the back working. In walks in "a customer". I hurried up to the front and asked him how may I help you? I need some sage!!! Cedric blurts out. I said okay and began to explain the benefits of other items we had in the store. Cedric explained he had just moved her from Texas and needed to clear out the space in the room he was staying in. I informed him he could come back anytime, checked him out, provided my name and said have a great day. The next day I got a call " Paris this guy named Cedric is here looking for you" The man came back! After working together everyday for close to 3 weeks I started to notice his hugs were lingering and my Spidey Senses started telling me I may have stop calling him brother. It is now towards the end of August and I am up preparing for the astrology class I was about to teach. During a meditation, I received a spiritual message from my guides that Cedric and I shared a very specific placement in our natal charts. 2 hours later Cedric texts me... "Good Morning Paris" (When he normally calls me Sis) I roll my eyes, laugh, and shake my head " Good Morning Cedric, how are you?" He responds " I'm doing well but could be doing a lot better if you would give me the opportunity to know you better. I likes ya and I wants ya" We laugh and I say okay! That night we had our first date. Then on a beautiful September day in Scottsdale he asked me to be his wife!