Grant & Sunelle


Grant Keenan


Sunelle Buirski


December 2, 2023

Plettenberg Bay, South Africa
183 days183 d13 hours13 h58 minutes58 min50 seconds50 s



We first met on the Caribbean island of Saint Barthélemy (St Barths) at a sailing Regatta called the Bucket through our mutual friend Nicola Cox in March 2019. Sunelle was sitting at 'Le Select' sunset bar having a social with her fellow crew members when Grant arrived for sundowners and spotted Nicola who he had not seen in a while. He quickly noticed she was sitting with a very.... very attractive brunette and decided to head over to say hello, using the excuse to buy the group a round of drinks to introduce himself. As Grant walked to the bar and away from the table, Sunelle proclaimed to Nicola "So who is that?! and why have you never mentioned him before!" to which she laughingly responded "Slow down Suzi" Sunelle cheekily jumped up and confidently announced that she is going to help Grant carry the drinks... ...She strolls up to the bar just as Grant is paying and offers to help him carry the round, but it only came to her attention when Grant turned around that he had only bought two drinks, turns out she was a little flustered at the table and hadn't heard the order...... So there is Grant, with only two drinks in his hand a bit puzzled by the brunette's offering to help carry only two drinks. With an embarrassed giggle from Sunelle they walked back to the group.... And from there, we end up here... :)