Sulynn & Alex






October 28, 2023

Camarillo, CA

How We Met


Sulynn walked into Alex's ice cream shop, Coastal Cone, with a few friends. I guess she decided that Alex was the most interesting flavor on the menu. After quickly exchanging phone numbers, Alex was a true jerk. Why? He waited many weeks aka 'ghosted' before reaching out to her. The first date led to casual Korean BBQ dates, exciting road trips, and then ultimately the Proposal. If it was not for Sulynn's persistence, Alex would be a lonely old man for the rest of his life.

The Surprise Proposal


The river was running, the clouds were dancing, and the roses were blushing. It's a huge shock Alex pulled this amazing proposal off because he is like the Coach Carter of Ice Cream...a true non-romantic. LOL ok, lets give him some credit! This proposal took place at the location of the couple's first date in the magical hills of Topanga Canyon. It was planned two months in advance. Alex told Sulynn 'it was just a family dinner so the families can get to know each other more!' On the day of, Alex nervously escorted Sulynn to the Inn of the Seventh Ray's beautiful creekside patio. And the tears started rolling... Alex truly believes it was tears of happiness. The world probably thinks Alex went BIG to force her to say yes. In K-Drama fashion, Alex propped down on one knee in front of family and friends....stuttering the question, 'Will you deal with me for the rest of your life?' Unfortunately, Sulynn said YES! Critics say she probably said yes after noticing the beautiful white Lamborghini that Alex's best friend (Jeff Llacuna) brought to party! LMAO. We're so excited to celebrate this next chapter in our lives with you. See you at the party in Camarillo!

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