Struthers & Crown

We are getting married


Crown Emoedume


Struthers Osadebay


December 3, 2022

Benin City, ED

A match made in heaven

26 of December 2021

How we met. On the 26th of December 2021 , Struthers Posted a video on his Instagram received a notification. To his surprise it was a beautiful lady who was just the replica of the woman he had always wished for. Crown commented with a fire emoji .Struthers and Crown exchanged pleasantries and got to chat a while and agreed to meet the next week. Struthers took the next flight to Abuja to meet up with crown. As she came down from the uber and just at the first sight of seeing her Struthers had known this was his wife. From her cuteness overload, when she came down and walked towards struthers, He had never felt such a feeling before. There and there He smiled and knew this is GOD almighty at work. They got to talk, for a while and after a week Crown hosted Struthers out for a movie date , Struthers was surprised as he had never had any lady offer to take him to the movies before . It was so romantic for struthers and then got to have a drink at a bar in wuse 2 , Abuja and that was when they got to know more about each other. Fast forward to few months later. Struthers & Crown built a great friendship, I remember her telling me she had other guys chasing her and I made it clear to her that "I AM IN CHARGE", She replied " YOU HAVE GUTS" I smiled and made her know I was secure with her. luckily for Struthers , Crown came to Dubai and that was when He asked her out to be his girlfriend on the 17th of April , 2022. and she said " YES" We built our friendship and relationship on a good foundation of GOD, Trust, Understanding, Communication and Transparency. We never ever for a day missed our calls. we became best of friends. Crown is the most amazing woman on earth. The Engagement. Crown does not really like extra things so Struthers decided to have an intimate dinner date with crown On the 2nd of December 2022 " While enjoying the great meal and excited to be together that was when struthers decided to pop the question ,Would you marry me ? she first smiled and looked at struthers in the eyes and she said "YES!". This was an exciting moment for Struthers and Crown as well wishers came just at the right time to celebrate the special moment .. We are looking forward to starting a family together and working together as a team to grow together in peace and Harmony.