Cassandra & Matthew


Matthew Stork


Cassandra Hinger

October 6, 2023

San Clemente, CA
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How we met

Matt and Casey met at Cal State University Northridge (CSUN) in 2011. Matt was on the men's volleyball team and Casey was on the women's volleyball team. For the first two years that they knew each other, Matt and Casey were just great friends. They actually went on double dates together..but with other dates! They became fast friends because of their shared sense of humor and love for adventure. As life so happens, Matt and Casey's friendship grew into a romance in the Fall of 2013. Unfortunately this meant Matt had to be fired from his coaching gig with the CSUN women's team...he says it was worth it though. Sorry Jeff.

The Storks!

One decade and a baby later, we have finally decided to make it official. We can't wait to celebrate the life and family we have built together with all of our favorite people!