Steven & Mariah







August 13, 2023

Riverside, CA
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How We Met

We met at work in 2021. Mariah handled all employee timecards so Steven would come into her office with questions & updates about his work hours. We clicked instantly, but neither of us thought anything of it. Work related visits eventually soon became getting to know each other type of visits. Steven would talk Mariah's ear off on his breaks & made each other laugh so much because of how weird & clumsy we both were. Mariah invited him to church one day & he never stopped going after just that one invite. Steven then came to know & love the Lord himself shortly after. As time passed of having a sweet friendship, we were together officially only one month before getting engaged. Steven stated that once he gave his life to Christ, he viewed Mariah instantly as his wife & wanted to marry her. God had given him a new heart & mindset towards her. We always knew we were just more than boyfriend and girlfriend right away. Now we walk together towards the Lord as we enter into marriage and spending our lifetime with each other. To top it all off, Mariah will be blessed with gaining Katie, Steven’s 4-year-old daughter, to call her as her very own! God is so good.