Priscilla & Steven


Steven Gutierrez


Priscilla Reynoso

June 13, 2024

Fallbrook, CA
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How We Met


Priscilla Point of view Our Story began on 10/2/2016. I was out in the town of Old Town Temecula at Baileys. I was out on the dance floor and noticed someone come up behind me. He held my hand and it was almost like an electrical power shocked my hand. It sounds very cheesy but it was very true and we continued to dance. We parted ways for the rest of the night. Before I left I told my friend to get his number for me and as he was leaving, i got the courage to walk up to him myself. I requested for his number and my grand gesture didn't fail. He had this smile as I was waiting for him to impute his number. His eyes locked in with mine and noticed his beautiful Green-blue eyes. We went on our first date, The movies! We watched the most non-romantic movie " Resident Evil: The Final Chapter". He ordered a large popcorn I didn't even eat and he fell asleep during the movie. So We ended our night. Fast forward a couple months and we were on our second-First Date. I am a very hopeless romantic kinda gal who loves boy activities. He took me to a shooting range. Now It wasn't the most romantic date and different than your typical dinner but for me, it was Perfect. A couple dates, turn into him asking me to be his girlfriend at the OC Fair on 8/4/2017; Very romantic. Soon after he got a huge offer that was going to kick off his career. So I left my home that I had just purchased (which took a process and battles to overcome) & Steven, Oliver and I moved to San Diego. In the first year we went to Europe, got our first apartment and started our lives together. We've hit some Obstacles along the way but Little did we know, that became the whirlwind of our relationship. We broke through the disapprovals, stood by our love and grew our family with the arrival of our daughter. On June 13,2024 I will walk down the aisle to the person who will be by my side through this rollercoaster we call life. Though the Ups & downs, Twists and Turns. I Couldn't ask for a more caring, smart, handsome, hardworking man to be by my side.

The Proposal


Steven and Priscilla had just gotten their first home together on 10/1/2023. On Christmas Eve, Steven got down on one knee asking Priscilla to be his for the rest of their lives in the private space of the living room with their children, parents, siblings and nephews present. The ring he had picked out wasn't there so he used a ring Priscilla had upstairs, so her family could be there for it and she was in no way dressed or ready for such a proposal. Months later, Steven organized a dinner and they headed to the beach to end the night watching the sunset by the coves. She look to her right and noticed red rose petals with candles. He got down on one knee one more time with a ring in hand. Cherry on top was that her cousin and stevens uncle were present to capture this moment. They will cherish these memories and are so excited to celebrate this next chapter in their lives with you. See you in June!!

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