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June 5, 2024

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This is us…


Being together for 20 years is a milestone fading in marriage these days…when we got married 06/05/2010 it was one of the happiest memories in our relationship. Skipping past everything good & bad that can happen in marriage, where we are now we have never been happier or more content with this stage in our lives. We had to fight and overcome some major Goliath’s during these last 13 years….but we realized trying to do it apart was more detrimental to us than figuring out together. We realized we were better together despite all the obstacles. After moving to Rockwall and getting a fresh start, we began attending Lakepointe and got involved with a marriage group that led us to see there was a better path for our marriage and our family. We got baptized as a family & made small changes on the surface, even though there was dynamic spiritual changes happening we couldn’t yet see. Through faith we began seeing how God was strategically putting people in our lives & removing others. We started seeing the blessings he had intended for us and saw our family dynamic shift. We began understanding our roles in our marriage, guiding our boys on their spiritual journey & follow the path He paved for us in our careers. All in God’s timing he was leading us and it was up to us to follow. Today we are extremely blessed to say we are taking steps to become church group leaders, to serve others in helping them the way Lakepointe has helped us. There are too many of you to mention, but each and every one of you reading this now had a role in helping us get to this point. We would like to say thank you & extend this invite to celebrate our vow renewal under our new found faith. Although you may not understand how your friendship has impacted us, trust that we value each of you in our own way & cannot wait to share this new chapter in our lives with the people who helped us get there. From the bottom of our hearts…THANK YOU!

Vow Renewal


On our 13th wedding anniversary Steven planned a “family vacation” to St. John where we planned for some family time with our boys. He planned a sunset catamaran cruise where he “proposed” that we renew our vows for our total 20 years together. Yes we had talked about it, but I never dreamed he planned this entire vacation under the intention of this one moment. We had “talked” about renewing our vows and even picked out a new “wedding band”, but I didn’t know how serious he was about it until he once again got down on his knee (which he asked if that was what he was supposed to do :) and asked again. Gotta love his romantic spirit! We're so excited to celebrate this next chapter in our lives with you. See you in Jamaica!

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