Rebecca & Adam

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Adam John Stephens


Rebecca Chen

Santa Cruz


October 14

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Eugene, Oregon

September 2012

In Barnhart 5th floor North, Adam and Rebecca only lived a few doors down from each other. During move in day, Adam’s parents finished his move in the morning, while Rebecca’s family was just getting ready to unpack the car. Adam was already on his own to explore, and would run into Rebecca and her family while they moved everything in. The first time they rode the elevator together, Rebecca acknowledged the book that Adam was holding. “Look Me In The Eye is a really good book! Hope you’re enjoying it so far”. Adam was blown away. Not a lot of people read books like this. Unbeknownst to Adam, Rebecca doesn’t read many books and happened to be one of the few that she read. This began their friendship in and out of the dorms. The two would spend time playing games and going to parties with their hall mates, and gossip about other hall mates.

Snowed In at 13th and Olive

February 8, 2014

Rebecca and Adam both lived in 13th and Olive their 2nd year at the University of Oregon. She on the 3rd floor, and he on the 5th. They continued their friendship throughout summer break and into the school year. Rebecca and Adam were casually seeing each other since coming back for Fall quarter. In February, there was a massive snow storm that shut down the university and the city. The only thing to do was to hunker down. Adam and Rebecca found each other and after a romantic snowy night, decided to officially begin their relationship.

The Chateau de Frontenac, Quebec City, Quebec, CA

August 8, 2022

Adam had just finished law school and taken the bar. As a celebration for the hard work he’s done for the last 4 years, they decided to take a trip to Eastern Canada. Rebecca made it no secret she wanted a proposal trip, but thought it was not happening because she knew Adam had not gotten a ring. Little did she know, Adam was able to rush order an engagement ring that was finished the day before they left. Despite Rebecca’s curiosity over all facets of Adam’s life, he managed to sneak the ring into his left dress shoe that was buried under clothes in his suitcase. They first flew to Toronto, where Adam kept talking about how beautiful Quebec City would be and wouldn’t take his clothes out of his suitcase despite Rebecca’s persistence that he put them away. Rebecca went so far as to grab Adam’s dress shoes. Adam shrieked, “stop messing with my things!” Rebecca reluctantly relented her frontline assault. Adam wondered if his secret was exposed. The ring thankfully made safe passage to the Château de Frontenac. Because Adam had spent the last three years at the University of California, he could only afford the smallest room the Château offered. The room could barely fit the twin bed it housed and the closet door opened into the foot of the bed. Adam wondered how he could sneak the ring from his suitcase into his pocket while under constant surveillance. On the proposal morning, Rebecca decided to use the washroom and Adam saw his chance. He slowly pulled the ring out of his suitcase as to not arouse suspicion from Rebecca as they were separated by a thin washroom door. Once she was finished, the pair left for coffee at a local café. Adam could not stop thumbing the box in his pocket. After receiving the coffee, Adam curtly demanded they walk to the battlement in front of the Château overlooking the mouth of Saint Laurence. This would be the proposal spot. Time was of the essence as there was about an hour left of sunshine before a large rainstorm would encompass Quebec City for the remaining duration of the trip. In typical fashion, Rebecca was still drinking her coffee as they approached the battlement. Adam asked, “aren’t you done yet?” Rebecca responded, “What?! I like to enjoy my coffee.” Adam gritted his teeth and asked if he could have a sip. Rebecca acquiesced and handed the cup to Adam. Adam then chugged the remaining coffee and threw the cup away in a nearby trash can. “Hey! I was still drinking that!” Adam pretended he ‘forgot’ and directed her past the cannons to the stone wall overlooking the Saint Laurence. The spot was perfect. Adam asked Rebecca to look out to admire the beauty while expressing the sordid history to a half-listening Rebecca. While she was looking away, he turned to her, getting down on one knee and asked, “will you marry me?” While fighting back tears. And she said “What? Where did you get that ring?” And the rest is history. And she said said yes!