Stephanie & Wojciech

The Future Mr. and Mrs. Czerwinski


Wojciech Czerwinski


Stephanie Dirani

May 28, 2023

Morristown, NJ
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How We Met

Our first date

My best friend, Wojciech’s sister Paulina, introduced us to each other at a family Halloween party. A week later, after talking daily, we went on our first date! For those of you that don’t know, Wojciech is a pilot, and naturally we went flying together! We took a nice drive to Republic Airport, and got into a three passenger Skyhawk. Yes, I trusted him with my life 🤣 but I took comfort knowing Paulina had flown with him before. It was an incredible flight! We flew by the shores of Long Island to Coney Island, over the Verrazano and the Hudson River before we turned back and flew over it again. Specifically, I flew towards the Verrazano Bridge 😉. I remember when he asked me if I wanted to fly the plane he was a little shocked and excited when I gave him an enthusiastic “yes!”. It was so cool! I got to maintain the altitude but Wojtek still did all the hard work of making sure we didn’t crash.🤣 After Wojtek’s smooth landing, we gathered our stuff and went to Sheepshead Bay. We had a delicious meal, lots of laughs, and a great time! He drove me back to Bay Ridge and we walked by the shore under the Verrazano and talked about everything! It was incredible! Here we are now, a few months away from getting married!