Stephanie & Luis


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Luis Quiñones


Stephanie Paredes

Riviera Maya

Quintana Roo

April 28


How we met

As you may already know, we have the classic boy meets girl via online dating story. The old fashioned way was just not happening for us. We messaged back and forth for a few weeks before finally making it on our first date, which ended up being over 5 hours long! We went on 4 dates before a global pandemic closed every possible date idea down so we ended up getting to know each other through long conversations, watching movies on a couch, cooking together, playing cards, puzzles, etc. You really get to know someone when there are no distractions. Once the world started opening back up again and due to unforeseen circumstances we had to experience being in a long distance relationship. 5 months apart for a new relationship can be tough but it actually brought us closer. We learned that we could make it through difficult situations, that we missed one another dearly and that when life hits hard two are stronger than one. This past year we’ve been able to make up for all those dates we missed in the beginning and we’d say Octoberfest in Germany, watching Real Madrid and Barcelona matches at their home stadiums, Taking a panoramic train trough the Swiss Alps, Watching the Red Sox beat the Angels at Fenway after bike riding through Harvard Square, and Drinking Toña’s in San Juan Del Sur were worth the wait. So now we’d like for all of you to take our next trip with us! We’d be honored to have you there but we understand it’s a big ask, so please don’t feel bad if you’ll just have to come on another trip with us another time:)

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