Stephanie & Carlos

Floral Garlandflowers

Carlos Rivera


Stephanie Diaz


October 21, 2023

Southampton, MA
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The second time is The Charm!

When the lawman meets its match! On this day while working we met and it felt like the stars & planets aligned for a celestial blessing. Both of us had our reservations but after months of conversations and a couple dates we knew it was meant to be. From that point we have supported each other through good times and bad. Every adventure, trip or vacation ever since is always memorable, especially when we do it together as a family. Our love grew for each other and on January 2022, Carlos knew he could not be without Stephanie in his life and popped the big question. Stephanie said “YES” even though the fireplace setting was reminiscent of a cracker barrel restaurant in her words. After back and forth on when to get married, Stephanie grabbed the shotgun and said “we are getting married this year, end of conversation”. After blinking twice and seeing no help from Jake from State Farm we are happily sharing our wedding with Family and friends on Oct. 21, 2023. We hope to see you there.