Sarah & Matthew


It's about damn time


Sarah Stellabotte


Matthew DeSantis




May 11

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How We Met

First comes school, then comes 2am lasagna

We met at Appalachian State University, when we lived in the same dorm (East Hall, RIP). I was running down the stairs as he was running up the stairs, and he talked so long I missed my bus. We started hanging out and cooking together, and soon we were each other's best friends, eating lasagna at 2am. When we made our first road trip together - flying to Boston to pick up his car and driving it back to Boone - is when I knew this could actually work. Who spends 36 straight hours with another person, 17 of them in a car, and then can't wait to see them a day later? Me, apparently. :)

The Engagement

The Day We Learned That Sarah is Oblivious

In retrospect everyone saw it coming but Sarah, but that was not really her fault. On the face of it, a few months prior to the trip Matt had asked her some questions about engagement rings, and paid for her hair and nails to be done prior to this trip. All signs point to engagement. Over the years Matt had slowly gathered important information like what she wanted in an engagement ring and would occasionally pay for her hair & nails before trips so this trip to Jamaica was no different than any other trip. Matt was doing nothing out of the ordinary so as he tried, multiple times, to pry her from her book to ask her an important question. Which completely blindsided her, and responded with a mix of excitement and disbelief he heard a "Yeah!".

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