~Please note change of Venue for Reception: Glenoaks Ballroom~
~Please note change of Venue for Reception: Glenoaks Ballroom~

Bryan & Stefanie

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Bryan Agahan


Stefanie Gavino




June 8


Once Upon A Time

It all began on a dating app...

4 years ago in the month of April, Bryan and Stefanie decided to download Hinge in hopes to find the "one". On one faithful afternoon, Stefanie was perusing the countless profiles online when she stumbled upon Bryan's profile. What caught her eye was a comment about board games. It was something different, so Stefanie, being a board game enthusiast herself, decided to reply. It was in that instance, about 30 miles south of LA in Anaheim where Bryan heard the low buzz of his phone. Bryan decided to take a break from studying to take a look, and there it was: A notification from "Steffie G". Unbeknownst to them, something completely magical had started to brew. What was once a dream of finding that one person that would stand by each other's side no matter what, was about to come to true. Stefanie and Bryan started to exchange countless texts which eventually lead to phone calls that lasted well into the night. They had their first date in Glendale at the Americana and after some ramen, bowling, and late night boba, they knew that this was going to change their lives. After a few months of dating, Bryan finally mustered up the courage to ask Stefanie to be his girlfriend on their first trip to Disneyland together. Fast forward 4 years later, after a myriad of Disneyland trips, boba runs, and even adopting 2 Frenchies, it was finally time to pop the question. Bryan recreated their first date in Glendale and at the end of the day: proposed to Stefanie at the Korean Friendship Bell overlooking the sea while the sun was setting. For the rest of their story...you'll just have to find out on June 8, 2024 :)

For all the days along the way
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