Evan & Jocelyn

Watercolor Highlight

Evan Staley


Jocelyn Dowjotas

October 13, 2023

Lisle, IL
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Our Love Story

Evan and Jocie met in the fall of 2016, while working at the same organization in special education. They got to know each other as coworkers and friends first before others at work started talking about setting them up. Fun fact about Jocie and Evan: their first text conversation was about hippos. Their relationship started slowly by texting, visiting ice cream shops, watching movies and going to cafes. Movies have become a staple in Evan and Jocie’s joint activities. Evan has helped broaden Jocie’s movie tastes by introducing the genre of horror. Jocie helped improve Evan’s day-to-day life by introducing a wildly new concept–a bedtime! Connections don’t last for the better of seven years if there isn’t wonder and magic and hard work. Jocie and Evan have traveled the country, made new friends, challenged each other, supported career changes and started new traditions. If you have ever shared a meal with Evan and Jocie, then you’ve definitely seen them cheers before taking a first bite. This is made more lively by the fact that if one of them eats before the cheers, then that person has to play a round of Bop-It! As time passes, they hope to cultivate even more new traditions. It’s only fitting they get married on Friday the 13th, if only to prove by their 50th anniversary that nothing can ever jinx their love away.