Sravya & Ram


Ram Palepu


Sravya Mallajosyula

May 21, 2023

Marriott Auburn Hills, MI
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By April 16th

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How We Met

October 2018

It was my senior year of undergrad and Ram, a second year in med school, had come down to MSU with a mutual friend. When we were all hanging out and I went up to talk to him later that day, he was paying more attention to his Pad Thai noodles than to me. Knowing that's exactly what I would do, is when I think I realized I found my soul mate. We started texting more, and after a just a few dates, we understood how much we resonated with each other, and how similar our backgrounds and values were when he asked me to be his girlfriend. We never thought we would fall for each other as profoundly or quickly as we had and ever since then we have been each others best friends and support systems.


November 19, 2021

R: It was the 3rd anniversary of us dating and I told Sravya I had planned a dinner reservation in Detroit. I worked with some of Sravya's family and friends to maintain the surprise which was no less of a feat since nothing escapes her notice. After weeks of setting up the proposal with the help of her sister and friends, the proposal was finally ready. Sravya's sister drove her to the GM Renaissance Center since I told her we had reservations there but as we were walking to the building I asked her to wear blindfolds and take my hand. After I convinced her to let me lead her, she gave me her shaking hand as I led her down to the proposal set-up. S: I knew something was happening behind the scenes since my family was uncharacteristically talking in hushed tones leading up to the day. However I was excited as ever and headed to celebrate our anniversary when Ram suddenly asked me to cover my eyes. Obviously I am immediately suspicious but I am blindfolded and trembling, half from the chilly November wind and half from anticipation. As Ram led me down steps and a few paces, I heard my favorite Hindi song "Tere Bina" playing in the background, and he asked me to remove my blindfold. That's when his whole set up was revealed to me in the setting of the Detroit Riverwalk sunset behind the Ambassador bridge . I was in shock and tears were pricking my eyes, this time not as much due to the cold. Candles, rose petals, and a heated bubble with dessert set up inside was beautiful, but my favorite thing to look at was Ram, on one knee with a ring in his hand. It was never easier to say yes to anything in my life. We are so excited to celebrate our love with you in May 2023 and for our futures together!

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