October 2, 2021
Nashville, TN

Elle & Spencer


We're getting married!

Spencer Bentley


Elle Silverman




October 2


How we met

April 14, 2018

Elle had moved to NYC only a few months prior and recently joined a rec co-ed soccer team. Spencer happened to be on the soccer team, but it was early in the season and they hadn't played in a game together yet. On the first super nice Saturday of the year, one of the captains of the soccer team organized a day drinking/spike ball activity in Central Park. Elle showed up in cut-off shorts and space buns looking very, uh, "Brooklyn". Spencer had on athletic shorts and a t-shirt. Elle brought bud-light lime (don't judge her). Spencer brought Wolffer Summer in a Bottle rosé. Elle wanted to talk to the guy with the rosé. And the rest is history. The two bonded over the movie "500 Days of Summer" and their eclectic music tastes (and how much they like a good rosé). They have been inseparable ever since.

Leaving NYC and a zoom ceremony

May 16, 2020

Soon after getting engaged at the end of September of 2019, we decided that we wanted to have a small courthouse ceremony in 2020 and a larger, more traditional wedding celebration at a later date. We were just excited to be married! However, 2020 had something different in store. Being at the center of the pandemic in NYC forced us to change our plans, and not just our wedding plans. Living (and working) in our 700-square-foot studio apartment with a 60-pound dog felt more unsustainable as each day passed. So, we made a somewhat radical decision to leave our jobs, friends, family, and favorite restaurants to move to Nashville, Tennessee in May of 2020. Before leaving New York, we wanted to figure out a way to get married in the city where our story started. Since the courthouse had been shut down since March, we didn’t think it would be possible. But the week before moving to Nashville, we learned that the marriage license we received before the pandemic was still valid, and that we were eligible to get married by an officiant via zoom. Since we seem to do everything pretty quickly, we scrambled and threw together an online ceremony in less than 48 hours. A big thanks to our friends, Melanie and Jordan, for hosting us on their gorgeous rooftop, serving as our witnesses, making the most amazing challah, and letting us drink all of their wine. While we were glad to squeeze the wedding in before moving, we are REALLY looking forward to having a super fun wedding with all of you! We are excited to share our new home city of Nashville, have a Jewish ceremony (and honor other Jewish traditions), and throw a big party! We hope you’ll celebrate with us!

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