Samantha & Jeremy

It is finally happening!


Jeremy Knight


Samantha Sorrells

May 8, 2023

Spokane, WA

And the rest is history…

Sam here. This is my version of our story…. So, we met in (roughly) April of 2016, online, on a dating site called OkCupid. We communicated via the website, then through text, until we finally met in person a few weeks later. Our first date was at Slaters 50/50 in San Diego. I refused to order any food because I didn’t want him to have to pay for me, and I was broke at the time, as I had just recently moved back to San Diego from Spokane. (Who would’ve thought we’d end up moving here, years down the road). I remember thinking how cute he was in his dirty mechanics uniform (he was on lunch break from his job at a local auto shop). The next meet up he drove me around during work running errands - in a customer’s truck. Haha. Once I found out his mom’s name is Wendy and she is a bigger Disney fan than I am… I knew it was meant to be. The rest is history! Jeremy’s turn: “I was surfing the internet, looking at car parts and DING! There was a notification on my phone. I had a match on the great interwebs premiere dating site. There I saw the face of an angel, with eyes that sparkled like the stars. We talked and agreed to meet for a simple lunch date. I was in my blue mechanics garb and out of an orange beetle she appeared. We sat down for lunch and she informed me that she would not be eating. I offered to buy her lunch, but she refused. It turned out that all she needed to be sustained was a few french fries from my plate. I had a good time despite her lack of mastication and we met the next day to watch a movie. This continued to happen for the next few weeks until one day we were inseperable. In the time since, she has never judged my shortcomings or left my side. I am excited to be moving forward in my life with her by my side. No matter how many fries go missing from my plate. She loves me in spite of my flaws and I love her in spite of her taste in men.”