Jenna & Joseph


We're getting married!







September 9, 2023

Old Forge, NY

We are so happy you could join us!

We understand how busy life gets, day in and day out, our schedules are jam packed. Joe and I have decided to have a casual wedding in Old Forge, NY. We both want each and every one of you to know that we understand the kind of commitment that can bring, so please under no circumstances feel that you are obligated to make the drive. If you can and want to make the journey, we would love to celebrate with you! If you cannot, we do not fault you on that, instead we'll have a drink for you in your absence!

How They Met...

Coworkers -> Friends -> Dating -> Engaged

What started as a friendship eventually became something more. Whether it was sitting at a desk together talking about random things to help pass the 16 hour shifts or responding to God knows what in the facility, they bonded through their less than kosher sense of humor. During stressful situations, they could count on each other to crack a crude joke to help break the tension. Even though both of them would rather do any other job than corrections they are both extremely grateful that Attica Correctional Facility brought them together.

The Engagement

Mountains or Bust

Joe knows how much the mountains mean to Jenna so picking a spot they both enjoy just seemed like the perfect fit. Old Forge, NY is near and dear to both of their hearts whether its camping in the summer or snowmobiling throughout the winter months, you can find them driving up north more than a dozen times throughout the year. McCauley mountain has this awesome chair lift that can take you up to the mountain in the fall so that was all apart of Joe's plan.... until it closed the week before they visited. Oops. Oh well, they laced up their boots and got to hiking up the mountain. Rebecca (Joe's sister) and Corey (Rebecca's Fiance) joined them on the hike, all dressed as cute as can be for everyone to take "Christmas pictures for their mother". NOT! The nice outfits were all apart of the plan. As Joe and Jenna were taking pictures he knelt down on one knee and popped the question! After some tears, lots of hugs and kisses, of course she said YES!

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