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Sometimes you had it right the first time...


Sarah Morris


John Smith


Lake Buena Vista

Spring 2024 - Exact date to come



(Sarah) 2022 started with me in a 2+ year relationship of doom. No that's not true. But 5 mins a day of talking and 1 to 2 hours every two weeks of "quality time" does not a relationship make. We tried. But it was doomed to fail. It was nice to "have" someone or the idea of someone but it wasn't meeting my needs. In February I started a new job - I love it. Contract to hire, great company, great people, fully remote, good money. I would have to move from Charlotte, NC if I wanted to convert to full time so I started looking. At the time the teen was living with her dad in TN. He was in a relationship, but then found he was going to have to move sooner than later so the teen came back to NC with me. As spring sprung, I had to go back to TN to see my doctor a few times, did it as a day trip - 4 hours each way - not a bad drive - beautiful through the mountains, stopping at Biltmore - the half way point. Didn't mind it. I'd meet John to exchange the kiddo or to pick up some of her things, this that and the other. The relationship he was in ended. We started talking more. Easter weekend I invited him out to spend easter with us because why not. Then I ended the relationship that I was in in early May. Throughout that time when ever I was in TN we'd go to lunch or dinner. He took me out for Mother's day. And you know when you're on a date an you wanna kiss someone but you're not sure they feel the same way. Yeah. One thing you should know is that John's eyes change color. They go blue, or hazel or green. We now know that they only turn green with me. So on one of these meals together his eyes were green. So later when we were on the phone I asked him about his eyes...This threw him because he wasn't expecting me to call him out of bring it up. But I am not one to hold back. Fast forward to late May. If you know me you know about BBQ Saturdays - when I would go to Peachland, NC to wait up to 3 hours for BBQ at JonG's - the BEST bbq ever. So this fateful Saturday I did everything wrong. Everything. I didn't get my Coke and biscuit. I didn't bring my UV umbrella or my little fan. And it was a hot one. So there I am, finally in the shade, have waited nearly 3 hours and 6 groups from getting inside to order my bbq for the week. And heat stroke. Long story short I didn't get my bbq. I did ride in an ambulance. I got to the very small local hospital without my car, in a town with no uber, no phone charger and no one in NC to call. With less than 20% left on my phone I called John. John who was 5 hours away. Gave him the address and waited. My phone died. So there I was alone with my thoughts. For 5 hours. And it all got very real very quickly. I spent time thinking and feeling and praying and thinking and feeling and doubting and asking myself if I was okay with whatever the answer would be. If I asked this question, and the answer was “Yes, we’ve gone to far. There is no restarting” would I be ok with that. Could I walk away and be okay or would that break me. The answer was no, it wouldn’t. I’m not unbreakable but I’ve been through hell and back and I’m still here. I would be okay. Eventually. Five hours later he pulled up in front and I’ve not been so happy and so nervous to see someone in a long long time. So we started the hour or so drive back to my house, let the teen know that we were on our way, decided we’d drive out for my car the next day and we drove. Then I asked him. Have we gone too far? Have we crossed the line that we can’t try again. His answer didn’t take long. And he stayed on the road - barely. No we hadn’t. We’d have a lot to discuss but no, we had not gone too far. We spent the next hour holding hands and talking. A lot. He came out for Father’s day weekend, we went for bbq - it was so good. He agreed to help us move to Florida. I flew him down for Labor day weekend. He moved to Florida in October. He asked me on December 22 - 18 years to the day from when he asked the first time.

The Middle

The not so happy part

In marriage not everything is sunshine and roses - any couple who has been married for longer than a year knows this. Our marriage was one thing after another. Rough pregnancy, bed rest, preemie, Hurricane Katrina, evacuating to NH, moving to Utah, moving back to NH, Sarah getting sick, moving to Tennessee, Sarah getting better, getting divorced... Most of our marriage was spent reacting to what was going on. Having been in a long distance relationship, then getting married in under 7 months of knowing each other - you might say we were doomed from the start. We never really had that honeymoon period. Never really had that getting to know you phase, going on dates, etc. All that newlywed stuff. We were very much to blame here, we fell in love fast, got a long great - from a distance - and made a lot of choices that as we got older would look back on and say wow were we dumb. But, your choices good or bad make you who you are. So in 2017 after I (Sarah) had gotten better and was feeling like I could stand on my own, we decided it would be better for us to go our own ways. The house was calm again, kinda. We then had a teenager who was just told their parents were getting a divorce so that was fun. (insert eye roll here). I (Sarah) eventually moved to Charlotte, John stayed in Tennessee, with both had our own serious relationships and I (Sarah) did my best to hate him...

The first time...

December 2004 - February 2017

The first we got married we had known each other for about 6 months. We had spent 12 days together in-person before deciding to get married. Thanksgiving 2004 we decided to get married at Christmas time. December 26, 2004.