September 14, 2019
Rock Hill, SC

Danielle & Sedrick

    Singletary LOVE Story!
    Singletary Weekend

Danny Sed Yes!

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Sedrick Singletary


Danielle Phifer


Rock Hill


September 14


When I found her, we found LOVE!

Danielle and I met by happenstance, some would say. To us, however, our chance meeting is indicative of a very familiar song and quote, “What God has for me, it is for me.” Neither one of us was truly prepared for what we were about to embark on. A simple picture and a red dress, lead us to healing, forgiveness, strength and....LOVE! I was sitting in my office one day and my dear friend Tonia was scrolling through Facebook and fate had it that I looked over at her at the exact time that Danielle picture came up. She was wearing my favorite color....RED. I told Tonia to put me on and she kindly told me...NOOO!!! I clowened her about it and she eventually caved. After speaking to Danielle about me, to my surprise, Danielle said she had to pray on it.(Can you believe that! Lol) I guess her prayers worked because one day Tonia was on the phone with Danielle and I walked in the office talking junk, like always, not knowing who was on the phone. I asked Tonia who she was talking to and she said “Oh, it’s Danielle.” Our conversation was full of laughter and clever anecdotes. Within a few months it was clear to see that our “chance” encounter was actually divinely orchestrated by God. It is commonly said that love is a journey and I am grateful that when God allowed me to find her, WE FOUND LOVE!

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