Casey & Jimmy

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November 10, 2023

Riviera Maya, Mexico
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Our Love Story

Jimmy and Casey's story dates back to August 2006 when they both had Ms. Stoner's English class for their second period. Both took notice of one another right away as they sat across from each other and soon exchanged AOL screen names. They began to IM each other to ask about class items and other things in life. October 20, 2006 Jimmy walked Casey to the green gym, they hugged, and each went to their own practices after school - football and cheerleading. Casey was convinced Jimmy was going to ask her out but he did not. That evening Jimmy logged onto AOL and finally asked Casey to be his girlfriend. They were inseparable, spent almost every weekend together, traveled to family events, and were each other's, first real love. They supported one another at sporting events, grew close to each other's friends, and even experienced a minor car accident together because of a spider... After 2.5 years of dating in high school, they broke up and took time to grow as individuals. They both lived their lives, loved other people, had life experiences, and faced their own hardships. Throughout their 7 years apart they gave one another space but always made sure to reach out for major life events and birthdays. In July of 2016, Casey passed the ditch she crashed her first car in due to the spider. Her first instinct was to reach out to Jimmy to make small talk over the memory. They decided to grab a drink that night and have been together ever since. Jimmy and Casey fell in love quickly after reconnecting. There was this sense of comfort in knowing one another but also getting to learn and value each other at this different stage of life. They have supported each other through post-graduate schooling, job searches, difficult times in life, lots of highs, graduations, discovering new hobbies, and so much more! The couple loves to spend their downtime together laughing, watching movies, visiting family and friends, traveling to new places, and trying new breweries, wineries, and restaurants. Casey and Jimmy are excited that they get to celebrate their love for one another, adventure, and fun with their closest friends and family in Mexico!

The Proposal

Late spring 2021 Jimmy began to plan an epic proposal for Casey. Jimmy recruited the help of some friends and family members and slowly started to put the pieces together on how the day would go. One of the most special parts of the day would be the ring. The diamonds in the engagement ring are from Casey’s great-grandmother and Jimmy’s mother’s engagement ring, a beautiful way to symbolize the true joining of the two families. As for the proposal itself, both families managed to not only organize dozens of people but also keep the planning under wraps and coordinate others coming from across the county. Jimmy knew that Casey would not want an intimate moment, but she would appreciate a grand gesture surrounded by those they loved and had helped the two over the course of their journey together. Jimmy's brother and sister-in-law, Jeff and Ashely, were generous enough to host the engagement at their home to which many traveled great distances to be a part of the day. Finally, the day came, everything was executed to perfection! That morning started off like any other - grocery shopping and enjoying breakfast with one another. The plan was to go to Jeff and Ashley's for Jimmy's mother's birthday party so that morning they made sure they picked up a gift as well. When they arrived, 15 minutes late mind you (LOL - a typical Casey thing), they unloaded food and went to say hello to Jimmy's family. Jimmy asked Casey if she wanted to see all the work he and Jeff have done to the barn - Jimmy had been traveling back and forth for several weeks to help Jeff, "clean out out the barn for storage." As they approached the barn, Jimmy simultaneously reached into his pocket while sliding open the door. Inside was lit up by candles, hanging lights, long and balloons that spelled out, "Will you marry me?" Casey was speechless and her first response was, "this better not be a joke!" After collecting herself and all her emotions she said the greatest word a man can hear: "Yes!". After embracing each other and enjoying their moment, Jimmy encouraged Casey to turn around where she found friends and family from all over there to greet the newly engaged. September 4th, 2021 turned into the best day of Jimmy and Casey's lives!