Sidney & Daniel


Daniel Paulukaitis


Sidney Richey

July 15, 2023

Fredericksburg, TX
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Love is in the Air

Daniel and I met while attending LeTourneau University where we not only received our aviation degrees, but were granted the blessing of finding each other. We met during the first week of freshman year in Foundational Concepts of Aviation Studies. Our perspectives slightly differ as to who made the first move. Looking back, I feel certain he came up and sat beside me. On the other hand, he is sure it was me who came and sat beside him. Who sat beside who first is still up for debate, but we both agree there were sparks flying that day! We continue to share the sky together. The picture below was taken during Daniel's cross country to Love Field in Dallas. Fortunately, the sky is not the limit for our love and we can't wait to see what heights God has us soar to together!