Shruti & Stephen


Shruti Chandrasekar


Stephen Kunanathan

May 3, 2024

Voorhees, NJ
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How We Met

Stephen and Shruti initially met 7 years ago at a Penn State party, where they accidentally bumped into each other. This lead to a brief conversation and contact info exchange. Neither of them imagined anything to materialize from that interaction. Fast forward 2 years, where Shruti was sitting in a cafe sipping on coffee, and came across Steve’s post on Snapchat of a certificate of accomplishment from his work. Shruti congratulated him, once again thinking nothing of it. They soon began exchanging texts and making casual conversation which lead to the, meeting up a couple months later. Their first meal together was at Cheesecake Factory, where they vividly remember sharing the 30th anniversary cheesecake. The day was made extra special when Steve handed Shruti a unique 2 dollar bill, that she still keeps in her purse to this day. He gave it to her as a symbol of good fortune and good luck. They proceeded to spend the summer getting to know each other by doing things they both loved. On August 24th, 2018 Stev officially asked Shruti to be his girlfriend.

The Proposal


It all started off withSteve surprised Shruti with the proposal 5000 feet in the air at Devils Bridge, Sedona, Arizona. It came as a total shock as all Shruti could think about was how she was going to hike up and down this tough trail due to her fear of heights. It was a beautiful proposal with an amazing view of the Sedona Red Rocks and a crowd full of strangers cheering us on as Shruti said YES, in tears.

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