July 29, 2021
San Marcos, CA - California

Sherial & Joshua

    Wedding Party

Wedding Party

To see our love story, visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vq4pvPWXYbA&t=3s

Princess Kirk

Matron of Honor

If "Ride or Die" was a person. Wife to Jason Kirk. Mother of Kelisi and Koda... and anyone she meets. Party Starter. Shit Talker. Funnier than you (and she will tell you so). All around boss. Has met Diana Ross. This Queen specializes in dark humor, truth serum, and the world's best hugs.

Jason Davis

Best Man

True legend and reformed daredevil. Husband to superwoman Natalie. Father of Ethan, Elijah, Emmett. He's a surgeon. Not a big deal. (kind of is though). Bob Ross Enthusiast. Sounds like Obama. Whether you need a listening ear, a good laugh, or a hip replacement--he's your man!

Nathaniel Kweku


Big guy with a Big Smile and a Bigger heart. Brother from another mother. Nathaniel is a true day one who throws the best birthday parties imaginable (ask about the chicken & waffles!) Multi-hyphenate husband to the incomparable Chantal. Both cheerleader and coach, he’ll always have your back. Get him laughing and you won’t regret it.

Kimberlina McKinney


This baddie is fearless in love and in life. Mother of Solordia. VP attorney by day. A Street Fighter-playing vixen by night. She's the friend that will have you crashing the Oscars and re-organizing your closet in the same day. And breaking news... she just got engaged to the ONE! Welcome to the fam, Tim!

Jason Kirk


Epic brother-in-law to be. aka Jay Money. aka The other Jason aka The Singing Art Dealer. aka Professional Vibe Setter aka Loving husband of Princess aka Incredible father to Kelisi and Koda (you GOTTA hear how he reads bedtime stories) aka Big Bro (honorary my ass)

Ion Pisani


If this goddess had a cult, you would want to join it because that means you'd be living in exotic locations and breathing your way to inner happiness on the daily. Mother of Jadyn and Prince. She has actually owned a monkey and has probably found the fountain of youth. (we need answers)

Brian Kennedy


Four-time Grammy award winner (if you're into that kind of thing). One of the most uplifting and inspiring people you'll ever meet. Cooler than a Polar bear’s toenails and funnier than yo crazy uncle. Husband to the brilliant Angélique Cinélu. Father to Joali and Kaiyo. Get him on the keys and he’s trouble.

Elizabeth Pisani


Elizabeth will cheer the loudest when you win-- and will remind you who you are when you fail. Mother of Goddess Glaia and Goddess Avaea. She will always tell you the real. In a comedy club, you could pick out her infectious laugh with ease. And she's about to take the podcasting world by storm!

Jadyn Wray

Attendant to the Bride

She's as chill as she looks. A GenZ'er with an old soul and a heart of gold. One moment she's chatting about Choker's latest EP, the next she's gently stopping someone's child from smashing their face with cake. Oh and did we mention she just got into ASU?! That's my goddaughter!

Kyle Paterik


A true gentleman and a scholar. Kyle is both 1st cousin and consigliere. Brilliant and faithful. Husband to the love of his life, Marcy. Father to Elle and Tyson. He can strum a lick or two on the axe and knows more about music than most. His song requests are probably better than yours but is kind of enough not to show he knows it.

Kelisi Kirk

Flower Girl

If you're also fluent in mythical dragon-slayer, then have a chat with this little firecracker. One warning, if you tell her you like her flower girl dress, be prepared to give a detailed explanation as to why-- or your compliment is meaningless. Meaningless! We should also mention that she's an expert at capturing hearts. So be careful!

Elijah Davis

Ring Bearer

At only five years old, Elijah is destined for GQ notoriety. Like his dad Jason, this legend in the making loves golfing with his brothers. And like his Uncle Joshua, he's a cookie monster that happens to dress incredibly well. You'll most likely catch him on the dance floor groovin' to "Smooth Criminal", and high-fiving anyone about that life.

Solordia Robinson

Flower Girl

Doesn't get cooler than this kid. I mean, for one, she's got a face tattoo. (Kimber, did you approve this?) Plus, she knows everything there is to know about dinosaurs, hauntings, and the real reason Cleopatra kicked the bucket. Above all, this little warrior princess loves cuddling with momma, her nanas, and her bestie Kelisi.

Koda Kirk

Ring Bearer

It's scientifically impossible to love T-Rexes more than this kid. But his mom, dad, and big sis Kelisi are his all-time favs. For Koda, all candles are prime candidates for a birthday wish. He was once heard wishing for another day of fireworks with his pals uncle Josh and nana Sheri. (#tbt July 4th, 2020)

Goddess Glaia

Flower Child

Elizabeth's mini-me and Joshua & Sherial's goddaughter, Goddess Glaia should come with a warning label: POTENTIAL FOR CUTENESS OVERLOAD especially while saying the words "nana" or "outside". Elmo connoisseur. Two-time winner of the National Staring Contest. Recently promoted to big sister status and loving it!

Emmett Davis

Ring Child

Don’t call it a comeback, he’s been here for years! The youngest of the bunch, but what he lacks in experience he makes up for with deep thoughts and cuteness beyond measure. He loves trucks, more trucks, and the word, "No". Winner of “Best Snuggler” three years in a row. Looking to take the crown again this year.

Prince Wray

Honor Attendant

Prince can vibe with anybody. One moment he's talking Call of Duty with a twelve year old in Kazakhstan- the next, he's giving you stock advice- the next he's sharing his latest bibimbap recipe with your aunt. And he has no teenage qualms with telling you just how much he adores his mama and big sis, Jadyn. He won't even blink an eyelash.

Ethan Davis

Honor Attendant

Within 5 minutes, Ethan will be friends with everyone in the room. Jason and Natalie’s oldest is the definition of a cool kid. He’s a top-notch golfer, world-class Saxophonist, and will accept any Fortnite challenge because my man's got this. What will he do next? The future is bright for this young man.

Shelly Paterik

Mother of the Groom

The brightest star in the sky. Michelle by birth, Shelly to most. Always a true hammie (if you know you know). She has the ability to make you feel like a true superstar just for being you. Her faithful encouragement, unconditional love (and SNL-worthy humor) have shaped multiple lives at this wedding. Momma, if wedding MVPs are a thing, you're it!

Kenneth Davis

Father of the Groom

Kenny's the guy who feels like fam from the moment you meet. Proud father of the groom. Soon-to-be hubby to the lovely Victoria. An expert craftsman and jock, he can talk sports while building an entertainment center to watch the game. Sidenote: He and Sherial have an old, air hockey beef, but are calling a truce for our special day.

Monita McKinney

Mother of the Bride

Curious what a real-life angel might sound like? Have a chat with Monita. Wife to the late Rev. John McKinney. Mother to all who have entered her home. Cinematically shy, but has driven five hours just to give a teddy bear to a certain young lady having a bad day. Legend has it...this is the only photo she ever took voluntarily.

Rev. John McKinney

Father of the Bride

Currently hanging with Davíd and the Lord. Loving husband to Monita McKinney. Full-time job watching over his son and baby girls. Hand picked Joshua for Sherial. Joshua got his permission. He will be very much with us during the father-daughter dance, we just don't know how. Shimmies, Chantilly Lace, animal rescue, and surprises are kinda his thing.

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