January 7, 2022
Monticello, KY

Rachel & Cody

    Wedding Party

Wedding Party

Jordan burks


A wonderful pastor and person who is deeply in close connection with the lord. Singer / player in the local famous band “The Fall Creek Boys”. The same pastor who also baptized Cody when he was ready to be baptized.

Rachel shelton


Cody crabtree


Robert shelton

Father of the Bride

Has been the most wonderful father a girl could ever wish for. Has thought me many traits which I will carry on through out my life with. Such traits include financial, mechanical work, plumbing, documents, business, Christianity, construction, how wiring / cable works, how to drive a manual 4-speed, remodel / refurbish vehicles, how to car for vehicles, how to help others, how to properly use tools, and electrical tools, how to be creative through life, thought me many things about the Bible, along with many other stuff he has thought me over the past 20+ years

Richie crabtree

Father of the Groom

Brenda shelton

Mother of the Bride

(Deceased) Even thou she can’t be physically with us, she will very much be honored by the purple theme in my wedding theme. The purple is for her, along with Jesus Christ our lord and savior! Mom was the best mother a girl could have. She always kept me straight and inline, and she deeply cared for me, and about my well being. Along with my walk with Christ.

Jennifer Crabtree

Mother of the Groom

Robert colman (bob) shelton

Grandpa of bride

Deceased Never got to meet him, but Iv heard from many people he was an amazing and nice guy. Would help many in need.

Haldi shelton

Grandmother of bride

(Deceased) She passed a few months before I was born. I never got to meet her. But same as bob, Iv heard all good things about her, and how nice she was, and how I would have loved her.

Henry Hall

Grandpa of bride

Deceased Was the only grandparent I got to meet in life on earth, but I know someday when I go to heaven that I will get to meet all of my wonderful family that has gone on before me!

Pearl Hall

Grandmother of bride

(Deceased) I always heard she was a wonderful lady. I never got to meet her.

Rebecca Shelton

Sister of bride

(Deceased) passed at birth

Melinda & David burnett

Sister & brother in law of bride

Misty & Jason Daniels

Sister & brother in law of bride

Marsha Phillips

Sister of bride

Courtney Crabtree

Sister of Groom

Kim brumley

Maid of Honor

Best friend for over 18 years. Always been by my side and supporting me!

Jimmie brummet (Gator)


A loving, God fearing lady that puts all her trust in the Lord, that has also stepped up to be my mother, since my mothers passing. I know without a shadow of doubt. That if I need to talk about anything. I can rely on her to keep it between me, her, and God.

Melinda burnett


A wonderful sister which has helped me throughout life during the cheery, and dark times. Along with helping to gather ideas, and setting the wedding up.

Shela young


A wonderful neighbor I have grown to love as a second mother to me. She was a best friend to my mother before she passed.

Shelby Daniels


A wonderful niece which has helped me with planning this wedding.

Shirley hicks


A wonderful aunt of Cody. Which was willing to help set up the wedding, and plan it out.


Flower Girl

A beautiful young lady which I have meet via Cody Crabtree. The daughter of Shirley hicks.

Mattias (Todd) burnett

Ring Bearer

A lovely young nephew, son of David & Melinda Burnett. Brother of Emma Burnett.

James Hall

DJ & uncle of bride

Married to Judy Hall

Judy Hall

Aunt of bride

Married to James hall

Betty christian

Aunt of bride

Bonnie Hall

Aunt of bride

Ruby Dean

Aunt of bride

Widow of Virgil Dean

Marlyn Bell

Honored aunt of bride

( Deceased) One of my most favorite people Of my entire family. If you had a medical problem. She could help you with it, and possibly fix the issue! She was my Main source of advice, and learning of how to treat different things.

Danita smith

Aunt of bride

Thomas Hall

Uncle of bride

Married to Debbie hall

Debbie Hall

Aunt of bride

Married to Thomas hall

Jimmie Hall

Uncle of bride

Married to Melissa hall

Melissa hall

Aunt of bride

Married to Jimmie hall

Amos Shelton

Uncle of bride

Tommy Shelton

Honored uncle of bride

Deceased Married to sandy Shelton

Sandy shelton

Aunt of bride

Widow to Tommy Shelton

Homer Shelton (deceased)

Honored uncle of bride

(Deceased) Married to Irene Shelton Was the uncle that could park a dump truck between to Trees, standing the truck up on its hind wheels, with the bed up, and front wheels up in the air.

Irene Shelton

Aunt of bride

Widow to homer Shelton

Eugene (pap) shelton

Uncle of bride

Married to robin Shelton

Robin shelton

Aunt of bride

Married to Eugene Shelton

Stevie Shelton

Honored uncle of bride

(Deceased) He really loved his Wendy’s chili I remember me, mom, and dad taking him about everyday until he passed away.