Shelby & Kaleb

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Kaleb Whittaker-Bonk


Shelby Duncan

October 10, 2024

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How We Met


We met actually online, more specifically via Facebook Dating. Kaleb swiped right first and we started talking. We physically met on the same night, he invited me over to watch a movie and get food. We both thought that it was a one-time visit but we couldn't stop seeing each other. I noticed quickly that we started to fall in love. The day Kaleb said he loved me I knew this was it. We did everything together and began to take care of each other. Kaleb has become my best friend and my soulmate. Who would have thought Facebook had so much power?

The Proposal


Kaleb's Mom and Siblings came out to Arizona for Spring Break. Little did I know that they were planning all of it. We all decided to go on a hike up to Brown Mountain in Mesa, AZ. We hiked for 1 hour and everyone was determined to get me up the mountain. I knew something was up. We got to the top, I was taken to the other side of the mountain in front of the valley that was all lit up. Nobody was in sight just Kaleb and I. Kaleb started to tell me how much he loved me, he pulled a small box out of his pocket and bent down on one knee in front of the Valley. I immediately said yes. I called everyone on the way down the mountain, which was extremely hard to do but I was so full of excitement and adrenalin.

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