Shayla & Carlo

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Carlo DiBonaventura


Shayla Conn

October 26, 2023

Austin, TX

How We Met


Fate brought us together when we least expected it. It was a warm Texas winter night at a classically southern little country dance hall called Saw Dust in Beaumont, Texas. Now, one of the many hobbies we share is people watching; which lead us to our first adventure together before we even knew it. We had both been overcome with a last-minute urge to go out alone to a place where we weren't really known. But what was meant to be some quality alone time for each of us quickly turned into the beginning of an endless getting to know you.

The Proposal


It was nearly a year and a half after the night they met when Carlo took Shayla on her first European adventure. They immersed themselves in the culture. No exploit was too big nor too small for them to dive into. Whether it was Carlo introducing her to remoulade at a Mediterranean Restaurant in Amsterdam to which her response was “This is some good spicy ranch,” or him (this next bit is for the father of the groom) making her an offer she couldn’t refuse beneath the Medici Fountain at the Luxembourg Gardens; this couple embraced the magic of Europe. And as they rode away from their proposal on the back of a Lime scooter, they engraved a core memory within the City of Love.

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